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 A word of caution…beware of engaging organizations or individuals who offer to conduct “free searches” under the guise of performing “genealogical research” and/or those who  ask only for a “donation” for their efforts.  Under Ohio law, only a licensed Private Investigator is allowed to conduct a “search” (for monetary gain) for someone other than their own family member(s).  See O.R.C. 4749.01-B. and 4749.01-H.9.As used in division (H)(9) of this section, “genealogical research” means the determination of the origins and descent of families, including the identification of individuals, their family relationships, and the biographical details of their lives.  “Genealogical research” does not include furnishing or hire services for locating missing persons or natural or birth parents or children.

Kenna Peterson Knotts, LPI

Kenna is a licensed private investigator, registered with the State of Ohio, Dept. of Public Safety, Homeland Security Division (Ohio Lic. #201021001707).  She is fully insured and has over 20 years experience in private investigation specializing in locating and reuniting adoptees, birth parents, and siblings.

In addition, Kenna has performed many of the "classical" private investigator activities such as:  background checks, surveillance, process serves, infidelity investigations, witness interviews/interrogations/statements, and public record retreival.