Searching to Reunite, LLC

The Adoption Triad

the adoption triad...

The adoption triad consists of the birth mother/father, adoptee, and adoptive parents. The three are both inter-related and inter-dependent of each other. Searching to Reunite, LLC strives to be respectful of each member of the adoption triad.

I am a Licensed Private Investigator as well as an adoptee who is dedicated to reuniting people with their birth families.

 My specialty is the State of Ohio.  I have a wide array of research tools at my disposal such as amended and non-amended indexes, numerous data bases, as well as extensive contacts in agencies both locally and nationally.  

I work with maternity homes, adoption agencies, Ohio Country Children Services, and Probate Courts to get as much information as legally possible concerning adoptions, relinquishments, and non-identifying information.  

I give personal attention to each client and my pledge to you will be that I will put my 20+ years of searching expertise to work for you@  Each and every case is handled with complete discretion and respect for all members of the adoption triad...

         To God be the Glory!