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The Adoption Triad

what adoptees want birth mothers to know...

Let me start by telling you how thankful I am for your decision to give me up for adoption. I have a wonderful family. My mom would tell me that even though I wasn't born from her stomach, I was born from her heart.

The family you picked for me was the best! They raised me with love and care and always made me feel special because I was ‘picked” to be part of the family. Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you! I was adopted into a large family that has showered each of us with so much love. Our house was always full of fun, laughter, respect, and care. Thank you again for making such a hard decision.

Some people have tales of how they were saved from a deadly situation by a fireman, policeman, or just a heroic citizen. I have you – an unsung hero. By your selfless actions, you allowed me to have a wonderful life.

I am not angry nor have I ever gone through feelings of anger or resentment towards you. I have always felt completely content and satisfied with my family – never questioning the adoption. I have been raised to feel it is a part of me that makes me unique and for that I am grateful to you and my parents.

​My birth mother is truly a wonderful woman who gave with her heart. I am very grateful to her for giving me the opportunity that she couldn't afford at the time. Her act of pure love and unselfish behavior gave me a life filled with all the extras – I can never thank her enough.

I always thought of my birth mother as an angel who did the right thing when it was the hardest thing in the world to do. I have been blessed by two women who have loved me unconditionally.

You provided the initial direction for my life and I cannot express my appreciation enough for the choice you made. Please know that I have had a wonderful life – I have always been surrounded by loving family and friends and have had an amazing journey that has been filled with wonderful opportunities. I have been truly blessed.

​Because you loved me enough to let me go, I had an exceptional life. My only hope is that by giving me up, you were able to grow in your life.