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The Adoption Triad

What Adoptive Parents say...

Every night we gathered all our children, the biological, adopted and foster ones. We prayed for all our families, our mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. Each child given to us was a gift. We wanted to do our best for all our children. We wanted to do what you would have, had your circumstances been different.

Thank you for the gift of our daughter! She is such a blessing to our family. My husband and I wanted a family and prayed for such. God answered us with you. You have been a true angel.

Our son always knew he had two Moms who loved him very much. His birth mother is not just the woman who gave birth to him, she’s also a part of our family. Without her, we wouldn't have had him.

I have thanked God a million times for your gift to us and the fact that you did not take the easy way out and abort this beautiful baby.

I want to have the opportunity to thank you for giving us the greatest gift that anyone could give someone.

My husband and I received a call from our attorney, telling us our daughter was born. He brought her home two days later. As I held her the first time, marveling at such a precious gift, my heart went out to you. Our happiest time was your saddest time. As a mother, I will always love you as my daughter’s mother. Thank you!