WHAT birth mothers/Fathers say...

I think of you every day. Your birth picture is on my dresser and as I look at it, I wonder how you are, what you’re doing,if you’re happy and how your life turned out. 

After meeting this young man, I can say with confidence, I was put on this earth to give him to you. He is my confirmation from God of a job well done. A better family he could not have been blessed with.

Needless to say, I have thought of you thousands of times over the years.

Now I have the answers to some of the things I thought about virtually every day. My wish for you was to have a happy and enriched childhood and a life filled with wonderful memories, but most of all love and laughter.

Many years ago the decision to place you for adoption seemed best for me, my parents, you and all others concerned. I desired you to have what I had, a loving, supportive two parent home. People who were much better equipped emotionally and financially to care for you as you needed.

Although I never would have searched for her, I have always prayed that she would look for me. Today my prayers have been answered!

​Everything has come flooding back to me! Having been found is both a blessing and a curse. I’m not her mother, but I do want to be her friend.

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The Adoption Triad